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Your advantages - our service

You, as event planner or travel manager have a variety of tasks. One of these is the time-consuming search and negotiation of hotels and venues for your meetings, events or rooms for trade fairs. Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers, a long-term, cooperative and trusting business relationship.

Let us be your free "employee" and take advantage of your benefits.

Time Savings

We save your time!

Let us do the often time-consuming and labor-intensive search and research for the appropriate conference hotel or the right location for your event.


Our competent team will gladly take on this task for you so you can take care of your daily business.


You do not need to fill out any elaborate data masks with us.


Talk to one of our MICE experts and tell us your detailed requirements by phone, email or request form.

Added value

You get the best conditions

The cheapest prices are no added value if the remaining conditions are not good.

You get the complete package from us. We negotiate best prices, optimal payment and cancellation conditions and exactly the conditions that are important for your event.

Upon request, we will create tailor-made reports for you.


We focus on your success!

Cost savings

You save money

Through our large international network and extensive experience, we can negotiate the lowest prices for you in every hotel.


In case you do not want to get any further we provide you with individual cost calculations for your events with a potential savings of up to 30%. In case you do not want to get any further.


Our service is free of charge for you, as a customer!




You benefit from our expertise

You want personal and competent service - we promise you "industry know-how" and a solid MICE expert for your inquiries.


Our team is specialised in the hotel and event industry and knows the market, the requirements and the constantly changing hotel market.

Contact us, we will help you quickly and competently. 


You have access to hotels worldwide

Are you looking for a hotel or location for an international event anywhere in the world? 

Through our excellent contacts in both the national and international hotel industry, we find the right hotels and locations for you - worldwide!

Whether Singapore or Sao Paulo, Hamburg or Munich, we will find a suitable solution for you! 


Just contact us.


You want transparency and we want your confidence.


You want transparency and we want your trust. For this reason, we work for our customers free of charge. You will receive the signature-ready, audited and renegotiated contracts from us.

We would like to pave the way for the conclusion of the contract and clear out any possible stumbling blocks in advance.

100% transparency creates 100% confidence

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